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Banana Nut Bread Featured Recipe:
Banana Nut Bread
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You hear it or read about it a lot these days, "soy is the perfect food." Cholesterol-free, low in fat and filled with its own kind of protein, soy is rapidly gaining acceptance in homes all around the country. Women, men and even adolescents are learning what many vegetarians have known for years: soy has a unique and beneficial role in people's diets. Just by adding soy in any form-tofu, tempeh, or soymilk-can provide significant health benefits to most people.

As a preventative to some symptoms of heart disease, or as a guard against the discomforts of menopause, soy is being linked to the management or reduction of diseases. Each year more studies are conducted by leading authoritative organizations to better understand how much soy can be counted on to improve your health. To begin to understand the benefits of adding just a few glasses of soymilk or ounces of soy to your diet, please read more.

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