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Original Vanilla Green Tea Chocolate Unsweetened Coffee

New Flavors - Chocolate and Unsweetened
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Banana Nut Bread Featured Recipe:
Banana Nut Bread
Discover new recipes to add Pearl® Soymilk to your daily routine.

Original Vanilla Green Tea Chocolate Unsweetened coffee
Pearl® Soymilk is part of an ongoing legacy of quality, flavorful products. They were created by Kikkoman, a company dedicated to understanding flavor and bringing out the best in what we eat.

Many years ago, Kikkoman recognized the increasing need for an expandable, renewable source of non-animal based protein. With more than 300 years of experience in transforming soybeans into food products, it was natural for Kikkoman to begin exploring soy-based foods and beverages. Pearl® Soymilk came into being when the right combination of flavors was produced and the quality of the product could be ensured.

With Pearl® Soymilk, Kikkoman continues its tradition of providing flavorful soy-based foods that people truly enjoy.

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